’Breathe’ tells the story about Astrid and her partner, a vigilante couple who takes
the law in their own hands. They commit the heist of the century against the
corrupt town mayor and his savage mob. The backbone of the music video
is retro-nostalgia,where we move in and out of decades following the two main
characters and their journey through time. 

Producer Cherry Cobra Films
Director Cherry Cobra Films
Executive Producer Niklas Adolfsson/Hobby Film
DoP Jallo Faber/The Talent Group
First Assistant Camera Shazi Özdemir
Second Assistant Camera Joel Brunskog
Best Boy Electric Samantha Wikmark
FAD Jonas Eriks
Gaffer Fredrik Nordesjö
Grip Andreas Dely
Stylist Anna Wahlin/Magnolia Agency
Stylist Assistant Moa Holma
Set Design Pia Wallin/Magnolia Agency
Set Design Assistant Linda Eriksson
Hair & Make-up Caroline Gustafsson/Magnolia Agency
Hair & Make-up Assistant Sandra Karlsson
Cast Rickard Tollstoy, Jens Löfgren, David Nyberg, Christer Wiklund
Key Production Assistant Samuel Deleskog
Production Assistant Susanne Jaczewski, Fredrik Jansson
Graphics Cherry Cobra Films
Editing Linda Jildmalm/The Talent Group
Grading Sabina Törnberg/Media Monks
Sound Design Erik Ullstad
VFX & Online Love Fagerstedt
Commissioner LWN (Universal Music Norway)